Telly Christmas!


It’s been weeks since the first Christmas TV commercial was aired for 2016, yet it’s still another 8 days until December.

“Christmas starts too early” the crowd cry. But Christmas can never start too soon – it’s a magical time when love and happiness reign. “Bring it on”, as Tesco says. And roll the commercials. For those ads are very much part of the experience.

From the very best this year, the ad for Heathrow, to the extended extravaganza by Sainsburys. They all, in their own way, play out the dream we dream. All wrapped up with the soul-warming romance to perpetuate the joy of the season whilst helping us find the gifts we want to give.


Why do clients continue to invest in commercials on the telly? It’s quite simple really. They work.  So much so, we anticipate their arrival and we – strangely enough – register the brands paying for this festival of cheesiness.

They may be TV commercials but they fuel social media too. In years gone by it was with simple word of mouth; today with the digital voice. The commercial is just the start of the fun. And the best ads stay with us for years, just like Wham’s Last Christmas. We loathe them. We love them.


In the 70’s it was Hai Karate aftershave and Victor Kyam’s shaver company purchase. The 80’s Ferroro Rocher and Old Spice. With the 90’s ladies’ love for Cadbury’s Milk Tray so strong the Milk Tray man heroically returned to our screens last year.

Today John Lewis is king, winning us over with soppy accoustic pop songs. A genius creative now as embedded in our seasonal psyche as Coke’s Santa.


Christmas is a time for gift giving. Long may the ad industry continue to give us their festive TV treats.

Telly Christmas everybody!

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