Stainless Glastonbury


Glastonbury Festival’s Michael Eavis has announced that the event will be giving out new Sheffield steel produced cups to festival goers in 2016. Punters will place a deposit of £5 when they buy their first pint in exchange for one of the cups, in an effort to reduce the amount of waste left behind after the event. At the end of the festival, you can either keep your cup and your £5 will go to charity, or return it and get your £5 back.

This is a great example of solving a problem through idea-led design, and at the same time supporting British industry. There can be no plastic cup waste if there are no plastic cups; ingenious. We’re not sure, however, that we’d like a clonk on the head from one of these in an excited crowd!

Still, we appreciate the forward thinking, and think the cups look rather rugged and lovely in their simplicity.


Glastonbury Festival Sheffield steel cup

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