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Tim Little is a purveyor of finely crafted British shoes, with a boutique  store ideally situated on the Kings Road. Subtle and elegant, the Tim Little brand is the personification of the man himself. Over the many years that we’ve worked with Tim we’ve always been given the freedom and support to truly curate the brand.

Tim Little Homepage Website Design
Planning and development

Big steps for the Little brand.

With every aspect of the branding, our brief from Tim Little has always been to keep things simple. This was also true when it came to planning, designing and developing a new ecommerce website. The client wanted it to be easy to use with efficient stock management.

After research and testing we created a set of wireframes totally focused on getting users to the right products quickly. We ensured there were no barriers with easy navigation between styles. The site is fully responsive and content optimised to work for mobile users. We built the site using Woocommerce, which allowed for a straightforward integration with the clients’ stock system for ease of internal management.

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Tim Little Product Landing Page Design
Tim Little Shoe Product Page Design shown on iPad
Visual Design

Understated not undersold.

It was important for us to put the shoes centre stage. With the product the main focus of the site, no unnecessary fuss or complicated features got in the way. We also produced all product photography for Tim Little through the Lionhouse in-house studio, ensuring the shoes really shone online.


Tim Little Responsive Website Design
Tim Little Packaging Tag
Brand Development

Brand assets that fit perfectly.

As part of our ongoing brand development, we have produced a full set of brand assets. These include social media, packaging design, point of sale items, interior graphics and signage, brochures and advertising.

Tim Little Brochure Spread
Tim Little Advert
Tim Little Socks and Voucher
Tim Little Brand Photography
SEM and Email marketing

Digital marketing to increase customers.

As well as creating a strong brand and all assets, Lionhouse implemented an email marketing strategy to increase customer loyalty and help drive sales. We designed and built a full set of responsive email templates for the client to work with, which maintained the look and feel of the brand. Lionhouse also manages successful keyword, display and retargeting campaigns to effectively increase sale and brand awareness. The client has seasonal sales, as a big part of their overall marketing strategy, which we promote using a combination of emails, SEM and website optimisation.


Tim Little Email Designs
Tim Little Digital Marketing Sale Design for website
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