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Producers of game-changing endurance nutrition products, Science in Sport (SiS) appointed Lionhouse to redefine and re-communicate the brand as it prepared for listing on the AIM market. In a highly competitive sector with informed and opinion-rich consumers, SiS set us challenging targets to raise awareness, improve acquisition potential and grow their customer base.

SiS Ask Hoy Branding
SiS Ask Hoy Branding
The idea

Making a brand ambassador more accessible.

Chris Hoy, Olympic legend and Science in Sport (SiS) brand ambassador knows a thing or two about sports nutrition.With this is in mind and a brief to communicate the benefits of SiS’s innovative nutrition products, we had a simple idea, ‘wouldn’t it be great if you could ask the him advice directly?’.



Ask Hoy App Graphic Design Demo
Ask Hoy Homepage Design
research and planning

A innovative, easy to use web tool.

Working closely with SiS and Sir Chris Hoy, Lionhouse created in-depth nutrition and training plans. These were aimed at the core target audience of cyclists, runners and triathletes.

We tailored the plans into different categories based on weekly duration of training and area of nutrition interest. With this information we produced a set of questions which, when answered, would result in a unique outcome and a bespoke nutritional plan and personal video response from the man himself.

Increasing sales

Informing customers. Driving sales.

We built a fully responsive web tool that allowed users to get the nutritional advice they wanted, wherever they were.

With every response, the user was also provided with a detailed SiS nutrition plan which they were then directed to buy direct as bundle or individually from the SiS website.


Ask Hoy Results Page Design

Ask Hoy Responsive App Design

Promotion and awareness.

The tool itself became a central part of the brands marketing strategy and as a result we planned and executed a complete awareness campaign. This included digital display advertising, brand partnerships, press advertising, advertorials, emails, in-store/experiential as well as a calendar of social media posts and assets.

Ask Hoy Social Media Posts
Ask Hoy Press Ad with Sir Chris Hoy graphic design
Ask Hoy Display Digital Ad with Sir Chris Hoy
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