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With clients such as Deloitte, Google and Microsoft, Brightlines is one of the world’s leading independent translation agencies. Despite being experts in clear, confident communication, the presentation of their own abilities was not cutting through and getting them noticed. They came to Lionhouse and asked us to inject some energy and wit into their brand.

Brightlines Translation Website Design Mount Fuji
Brightlines Translation Graphic Design Icons
What we did

Talking a visual language.

As Brightlines have many clients in different countries, it was clear that we needed an easily translatable idea that amplified and strengthened their identity. We first changed the existing brand mark from a cyan blue, to a friendlier teal, and with custom designed characters and graphics, the quote marks from the logo proved a versatile and highly relevant way of bringing the brand to life.

These assets were used on both their new website and brand film, consistently carrying the quotation mark all the way through.

Brightlines Translation Website Design Web Pages
Brightlines UX Website Design
What we did

A new globally understandable website.

It was important that Brightlines’ website was able to easily and quickly engage with its worldwide clientele; to do this, we utilised the quotation mark from within their logo to create a suite of icons.

These icons, coupled with our vigorous UX planning has given the site navigation a delightfully intuitive and simple.

Brightlines UX Wireframe Website Design
What we did

A wireframe focused on quicker user journeys.

Brightlines’ previous website lacked clarity and meant not as many people were reaching the correct information in order to seek out a quote. So when mapping out the new site, it was imperative that we planned user journeys from the beginning and ensured the wireframes seamlessly directed people to the right place for the right information. We also planted relevant calls to action throughout the site, so that users could always get to the quotation page quickly and easily.

Brightlines Translation Quote Web Page
What we did

Revamping the enquiry and quote process.

Getting a quote on the Brightlines’ site used to longwinded and confusing. But using a thorough UX development process, we rigorously simplified and refined this journey, whilst adding in  more options to ensure the quote was as accurate as possible.

Brightlines Translation Responsive Web Design
What we did

Responsive design. Mobile content.

The majority of Brightline’s online traffic came via Desktop and Mobile. So we tailored the responsive designs to meet these needs and work brilliantly however you viewed the site. 

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