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Arena Group are an international events company, providing bespoke and innovative seating solutions for the most prestigious large scale sporting and cultural occasions around the world, including Wimbledon, the Olympics and the NFL. The group is made up of multiple sub divisions located across the globe.

Following a period of growth and several acquisitions, they approached Lionhouse to help create a new responsive group website that brought clarity to their presentation and allowed flexibility for further growth. It needed to have equal appeal to international investors and local customers alike.

Planning & wireframing 

Bringing an international set of divisions under the same roof.

With several years of growth and acquisitions, the previous site was not communicating the size of the company nor directing users to the most relevant division based on their needs or location.

We worked closely with the client and their PR agency to firstly consolidate all of their disparate divisions into three clearly defined regions to enable us to create a logical structure and navigation process. With 13 individual division websites, we had to make sure users were directed to the most relevant site with the least amount of effort.

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Arena Responsive Website Design
Arena Responsive Website Design
visual design

A clean, simple responsive experience.

After an extensive process of wireframing, testing and prototypes, we began to focus on creating a much cleaner and slicker interface for the site.

With such an incredible portfolio of events, we knew the site had to lead with imagery and be a clean, simple experience.

Working within the client’s brand guidelines, we created a set of confident visual designs that worked harmoniously across all the sub divisions and portrayed a united portfolio.

User experience

A reworked structure to make user experience intuitive.

With each regional division providing a crossover of skills, we also identified that we needed to bring clarity to their group offering by introducing a new global set of products and services. This allowed us to direct any user coming to the site from anywhere in world to the correct division and helped towards overall SEO and search traffic.

As well as bringing local customers to each individual division, the site also had to appeal to international investors. Therefore we had to ensure that the group site provided an overview of every individual product, service and division so users can get a complete snapshot of the company from one location.


Arena Search Map Capabilities On Website UX
Arena Filter Companies by Region Website
Arena Group Website Design
Future proof

More than just a group site.

As well as creating the new group hub, we created four new microsites for their UK and Europe based divisions: Arena Seating, Arena Structures, Arena Special Projects and Arena Scaffolding.

Each of these subdivisions have their own individual set of products so from a user experience perspective each of these had to be treated independently. However, we felt that to be future proof and ready for new acquisitions it was important that we created a set of interchangeable templates that could be quickly and easily set up and also brought consistency across all division sites.

Arena Website Wireframe UX Subsite Template
Arena Quote Website Page Design
What we did

Introduction of quote and search functions to drive  enquiries

We planned the site with the client’s future marketing strategy in mind. This lead us to create a set of useful search functions and quote building ability.

Users on the group site were given several easy to follow journeys to get the information they needed. As well as intuitive primary navigation, we created a simple search system that was simple and brought clarity to the users looking for specific products in their region.

What we did

An in-depth ‘cross and up sell’ structure.

As a group of divisions with varied complimentary products and services, we proposed an extensive ‘cross and up sell’ structure.

As well as being a logical system in place across the group site, we took this approach across the new division subsites. This opened up the potential for further sales and complete event packages. For example, users viewing furniture products would be informed of the groups tableware hire division.


Arena Cross Sell Website Design

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