Alan Bartlett and Sons Brand design

Capturing the family spirit at the heart of Alan Bartlett and Sons was key to the creation of an authentic brand. Beginning with the development of the Bartlett’s bunny logo and typeface we encapsulated the brand ethos initially in print and then online. And as the company diversified, so we were tasked with several naming, typography and sub-branding projects including the design of the Belles, Beauties and Bobtails lines.

In addition we pro-actively created and launched two new products for Bartletts’s. The idea of a wholesome soup brand, ‘Bartlett’s Bowlfuls’ was conceived, designed and produced in Lionhouse. With ‘Bushytops’ the challenge was different. Having been a failing line, we re-branded and re-presented Bushytops helping a brand of bunched carrots achieve a turnover of £1.5 million in just 12 months. We have also produced all their printed literature from their veg box mailers to their more substantial brand story.

Alan Bartlett and sons - Logo design
Alan Bartlett and Sons. Branding
Bartletts Bowlfuls various marks,
Alan Bartlett and Sons. Bartlett's Bobtails. Bartlett's Belles. Bartlett's Beauties.
Bartlett's Bowlfuls. Souperior Soup
Bartlett's Bowlfuls. Soup packaging.
Bartletts Bushytops. Packaging
Alan Bartlett and Sons hessian bag
Bartletts signage.
Bartletts signage.
Alan Bartlett and Sons onions

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