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Park Lane Press specialise in waterless printing; a more eco-friendly process, which achieves superior image clarity, making it a very wise choice.

So when they approached Lionhouse, asking us to update their brand presence and website, we knew exactly where to focus.


The central focus for the Park Lane rebrand is a very wise little owl we designed and named “Parky”. He’s a fun, iconic graphic combining the P and L from the company name. Parky has added a friendliness to the brand presentation, reflecting the company personality as a whole. It’s been warmly received by clients old and new. His presence has allowed us to amplify the “wise choice” notion of using Park Lane’s eco-friendly press.


Looking back I’m not sure why, but when we briefed Lionhouse to update our logo and website we weren’t expecting the professional response we received! When they introduced us to Parky we fell in love immediately. Not because he’s cute – our clients love him as much as we do – but because he perfectly captures what we’re about …intelligent, environmentally responsible, print …”Waterless wisdom”.

When Lionhouse designed our social media campaign Parky’s personality really started to shine, producing entertaining, engaging posts that have truly been embraced, with clients actively seeking out Parky’s next “words of wisdom”.

We’re very proud of Parky.

Company owner

park lane press logo animation

A Lionhouse rebrand? Wise choice.

In an increasingly digital world, print isn’t as booming as it once was, and an outdated brand wasn’t doing Park Lane Press any favours. We injected some personality into their business in the form of Parky. He’s wise, agile and friendly; the perfect encapsulation of Park Lane Press.

park lane press website pages
park lane press website
Website design

A confident online presence.

Park Lane Press are an incredibly well respected printers, who are rightfully confident in every aspect of their work. We wanted to reflect this in their online presence, so we designed a website which showcases both their work, and their total authority when it comes to beautiful, environmental responsible print.

park lane press social media
Social Media

Words of wisdom.

A worthwhile social media presence needs to be informative and entertaining in equal measure. Parky’s personality has allowed Park Lane Press to grow engagement with potential customers by posting fun “words of wisdom” that reflect the company’s confidence along with more straightforward print examples.


Words of wisdom.

For such a small chap, Parky speaks wisdom far greater than one would expect. For promotional activity through printed direct mail and calendars his personality shines.

Park Lane Press Brand Identity signage
Offset lithography Park Lane Press
document collation park lane press
colour adjustment park lane press

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