A new watermarque

‘Awareness isn’t our problem. Instead we need to make our mark as the leaders in the safe, effective and innovative management of water’ – a clear objective and an ambitious brief given to us by the MD of Cistermiser, one of the key protagonists in the water management solutions industry.

It was clear from the start that Cistermiser are guided by a core ethos – the belief that water is the world’s most precious resource. It is this that drives their passion to revolutionise water management systems through technological innovations that help businesses and services monitor, regulate and save water.

We focused on the fact that 71% of the world’s surface is water. From here, we created a confident and flexible mark, which perfectly encapsulates their brand philosophy. Perfectly aligned with their future-led products, this 71/29% split is a simple graphic execution that lends itself to every touch-point within the new branding. Underscoring this new mark is a strapline that boldly and confidently delivers the brand’s core thought – ‘our world is water’.

Our work has helped position Cistermiser as a forward-thinking, confident business with a simple obsession around providing smart, safe and sustainable smart water solutions. An ethos completely in-tune with the world’s need to think proactively about our most valuable and essential natural resource – water.