It’s McDonald’s folks…but not as we know it.

Created in conjunction with design firm Landini Associates the fast food chain have created a slick outlet featuring salad bars stocked with asparagus and quinoa, burgers served on cutting boards, and lattes in moochy mugs.

Landini associates explain that when it came to this concept store, less was more: ‘The colourful graphic environments, that became a signature for McDonald’s globally, are now replaced with a simpler, quieter and more classic approach. An experiment in “No Design”, the intention is to hero the food, the service and the people who come to enjoy it.’

However, some customers aren’t quite buying the new approach just yet. As ‘Smi1ey’ says on his Instagram post ‘ I feel like there’s a point when a McDonald’s ceases to be a McDonald’s. Adding Asparagus is one of those points.’