Long live the Logo

When originating a unique marque for a company one of the key factors for consideration is longevity. Always tricky designing a logo to last when it also requires a contemporary edge. This need can take the design solution dangerously close to being ‘trendy’ and ‘of-the-moment’. (Often that means it’s possible to actually date when a logo was created and, ironically make a brand uncool very quickly. It’s a parlour game we play at Lionhouse ‘date the brand creation’. Young creatives beware – designing ’trendy’ corporate identities is a trap and must be avoided.) Lionhouse designed this seemingly simple typographic logo for CONTENTED Digital Media as part of an identity package back in 2014 and today it’s still strong and contemporary …yet timeless. Strong enough to still represent this wonderful cutting-edge content creation brand, even as it evolves. Contemporary enough for the company to advertise themselves without any other distraction. Just their branding. Designed with longevity in mind.