Go Live, Or Go Home


It all started in a big way with Periscope and now live video has been integrated into the big platforms such as Facebook and more recently Twitter and Instagram. With the rise in live video comes questions and so we answer some of these below:

– What is live video?

– Why is live video so popular with marketers and influencers?

– And most importantly how can we harness this power?


What is it?

Many of you will have already come across live videos as a concept, played with or may even already be using it as part of your marketing strategy.

For those that don’t know, live video is much like it sounds. Think ‘anything could happen’ live TV, live video on social media is just that – a live stream to the audience, unedited and usually unscripted.



Keeping it real

Arguably Snapchat’s biggest advantage was its authenticity when it came to content creation. Unlike traditional Facebook and Instagram content where users are physically encouraged to edit and polish content before posting, live videos make this pre-preparing of content more difficult and relies on a genuine input from the account owner.

This may seem counter intuitive to some marketing professionals – throwing content out there without reviewing and editing could sound like brand suicide. But in the context of more savvy consumers, is this really a problem?

Possibly not, if you consider the rise of the influencer – real people, with real opinions…and a good degree of trust. In a recent study of consumers by influencer marketing company BlogLovin’, they found that “more than 60 percent indicated that the influencer content needed to be genuine or they wouldn’t engage”. This clarifies the importance of creating genuine and engaging content on a personal level – enter live video!


Facebook Live Stream


But content for contents sake is going to do your brand no favors…


What to broadcast?

As a general note, much like the rest of your content, live video needs to be interesting and it needs to offer value to the audience. Your intern making the tea is not going to generate a huge audience, unless that intern happens to be dressed as Where’s Wally for the Christmas party. Therefore make your posts unusual and interesting…but do make sure they reflect your business well.



We recently wrote a post on the power of competitions and how to execute them on social media. Live videos let you take this interaction to the next level by really getting people involved with your brand with the promise of a prize for doing so. In fact, just to prove how engaging competitions can be on live video, influencer giants Social Chain recently broke records for most live streams with competitions for retailers Boohoo and Boohoo Man.




Be creative with your competitions on live – think about how more engagement will make those who enter more likely to win.


New Products/Services

Probably the most obvious ‘what to share’ on live video are new products or services from your business. This can either be a sneak peek or a launch event to let your audience know what is going on. This approach works well as it positions your audience as ‘first to know’ with a true exclusive. Making your audience feel special will go a long way to creating brand advocates in the long term.


The Weird and Wonderful

There are two ways to demand attention from your audience online, either by bringing physical value, whether it be information or a competition prize, or by simply being distracting. People love to be distracted by something a little unusual or interesting – Buzzfeed blew up a watermelon and the internet went insane with an estimated high of 807,000 people watching at the same time.



By generating distracting content on live video you can gather huge and engaged audiences. Arguably these will not be as valuable as audiences that are engaged specifically for your expertise, but it will give your brand airtime that can be turned into revenue in the future.


Tips, Tricks and Events

 When considering content for live video, think about your current content strategy. If you write about tricks and tips in your specialist area, why not turn that into interactive content with live video. If you regularly attend and speak at events, why not get a colleague to turn your talk into a live video, or prepare a talk specifically for your audience.


Top Take Outs

– Live video is a great tool for promoting your brand

– When going live a brand must focus on being genuine to appeal to the audience

– To stand out, creativity is important when creating live videos and everything should be geared toward creating value or interest for the audience

– From the get-go live video should be considered as part of your wider content marketing plan

Are you considering video or live video as part of your 2017 marketing campaign? To discuss how Lionhouse can help contact Owain Williams owain@lionhouse.com

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