Is Elon Musk a Marketing Genius?

This week we saw the launch of the world’s biggest rocket ship, the Falcon Heavy; Elon Musk’s latest project from his company, SpaceX. Everyone is talking about it, rightly so, and as a result, we have come to a realization – Elon Musk is a Marketing genius.

No matter what he’s working on, we all know about it, because he tells us, he involves us in his often absurd endeavors via social media, and people love it. The internet has become obsessed with him, and this is an incredibly powerful tool to have at your disposal.

One of his other companies, “The Boring Company”, is in itself ridiculous on at least two fronts; 1) Elon created it solely for the purpose of creating a network of underground tunnels in LA after one bad experience with their traffic, and 2) It’s called The Boring Company. The machines used to create tunnels underground are boring machines. Bravo, sir.

What’s more, he decided to sell hats with The Boring Company’s name on. So what? So, he sold 35,000 of them, and raised in the region of $700,000. From hats. Because he understands the power of his public profile, and that ‘the internet’ has no limits on the levels of ridiculousness they will entertain.

He then used the money from selling hats to brand up some Boring Company flamethrowers, which he sold 20,000 units of, raising $10 million. And in the process, got himself a whole heap of attention from the public, politicians and even The Home Office, because guess what? Selling flamethrowers is a highly controversial thing to do.


“obviously, a flamethrower is a super terrible idea. Definitely don’t buy one… Unless you like fun.”


– Elon Musk.

What we’re all learning from Elon, is the power of social media, the power of the internet and the power of using your brand(s) and influence to entertain, assist and befriend the public.

Safe to say, then, that this billionaire, who revolutionised online payment systems with his website Paypal, sells some of the most covetable (and eco-friendly) cars on the planet, and is tackling space travel and AI engineering, has made a name for himself here on Earth. His brand “Elon Musk” and everything which falls under it, is a highly recognized and publicized brand.

But why stop there? On the Falcon Heavy, which is currently whizzing it’s way through space towards Mars, there is a car, a Tesla car, Elon Musk’s very own cherry red Tesla car, and it’s predicted to be in orbit for up to a billion years. The ship in which it is housed, the Falcon Heavy, is itself intended to be an instrumental piece of kit for humankind’s progress in the way of space travel and technological advancements. The Falcon Heavy has the potential to aid humanity’s colonization of Mars. It has the potential to help get bigger and better satellites into space, which will help create better and faster broadband globally, even to parts of the third world where there is currently no such technology. And in a world which is ever more dependent on the internet, the solutions it helps to create, and the connections it gives us to each other, that’s no small victory. And this space ship, which is promising us these hugely important and enormous stepping-stones in our species’ future, is holding onto a cherry red Tesla roadster, with a spaceman strapped into the driver’s seat, listening to David Bowie on repeat.

That’s something people won’t stop talking about any time soon. That’s one of the greatest pieces of marketing this universe has ever seen.