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Dear Charlie…

That’s how all great copy should start. Because no matter how big your audience, you’re only ever talking to one person at a time. This was a writing approach taken by the late Bob Levenson, one of the greatest copywriters of his day. We can’t take the credit. But we can take his thinking into everything we write – webpages, emails, packaging, ads, brochures, scripts, tone of voice guides, brand names. No jargon – Charlie wouldn’t like that. Nothing long winded, you’ll lose his attention. You have to be interesting and sound like yourself or Charlie will be on to you. And of course, you need to persuade him to buy what you’re selling. Some people call it ‘bloke down the pub’ effect. Because great copywriting isn’t about dictionaries, word counts and fancy lingo. It’s about making Charlie look up from his pint.

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