Axe does equality…or does it?


Remember those Axe and Lynx ads? You know the one where the guy always gets the girl because he smells nice? Well, in a bid to give men their very own ‘Dove’ moment, the marketing bods at Unilever have changed tact and launched the new ‘Find your magic’ campaign. The lead ad features men of all shapes and sizes turning their back on the buff images the media demands they be and sees them celebrate their own nuances and idiosyncrasies. The trouble is that Dove consistently uncovered the conspiracies the beauty industry builds against women, whereas Axe is telling men what they should be once again. Many of the men seem clichéd and fabricated. Plus women often respond well to a rallying cry (think ‘This Girl Can’) but as men have not faced nearly as much repression and sexism, who’s to say this is the right approach? It will be interesting to see what sort of response the campaign gets. We’re all for normalising the real truths about being a man, but like Dove, we’d like to see a more genuine, helpful and thought provoking way of doing it.



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