Are TV metrics on track?

If you own a smartphone it’s likely that you’ll have heard of Shazam or at least a similar app that listens to music and gives you all the information about a track in order to download and listen to it again and again. If you’re at the pub and having a debate over who sang ‘that song’ playing in the background, then Shazam will sort it for you – a pretty handy app to have.

But are there more practical uses for this kind of app in marketing and advertising?

You may have seen the apps logo in the corner of some TV ads, suggesting that you ‘Shazam’ it in order to bring up lots of useful information about the product in question. It’s certainly a useful tool for grabbing customers who are fully engaged and interested in purchasing your products. However, as an advertiser, it’s a direct approach and doesn’t really tell you anything about the audience that are engaging with the ad.

shazam advert

TV advertising has come under much criticism in recent years as it offers nowhere near the analytics on engagement levels that can be found in more modern advertising platforms such as social media or websites.

However, The Drum has recently recognised a metric for TV advertising which can go some way to highlighting engagement with an ad by measuring how many times it has been Shazamed over the past week. Although this is still some way from the detailed analytics of social or web advertising, it adds an interesting and insightful dimension to TV advertising and provides advertisers with information on whether their music choices are engaging watchers.

You can see this week’s Shazam chart here.